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Intended Participants

The Candidates wishing to participate in this regional workshop are:

  • Scholars who are interested in measurement of poverty
  • Employees of National Statistical Office (NSO) and Central Bank who are involved in measurement of poverty in their respective countries
  • Independent researchers who are interested in measuring Small Area Estimation of Poverty using geography disaggregation of poverty indicators  with the combination of National Population and Housing Census and Living Standard Survey. This will help allocate resources to pinpoint the poor at local (district, Ilaka, municipalities and villages) level.
  • Employees of the government authorities who are interested to gain knowledge on Living Standard Measurement Survey initiated by World Bank.
  • Statisticians interested in Multi Dimensional Poverty Index

The workshop plans to cover 6 nations of SAARC. National Statistical Institute invites both government and non-government workers working in the SAARC countries viz.

1. Bangladesh,

2. Bhutan,

3. India,

4. Nepal,

5. Pakistan and

6. Sri Lanka

The invitee participants will have no or very little knowledge of the statistical tools to derive the poverty line and Small Area Poverty Estimation. The invitee includes from the universities and ISI statistical associations from respective countries.

The total number of participants would be limited to a maximum of 30 so that there will sufficient time for instructor to take individual care of participants. 

primary focus group for the workshop is for policy makers and planners as well as data analysts both from governments, non-government organizations working worldwide. The expected participants for the workshop does not have full knowledge of how to estimate the poverty from household consumption survey. The participants will be from universities, research institutions, colleges and United Nations organizations. 

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